Learn About Vallmar Studio

For more than 20 years, Vall Iliev and his team at Vallmar Studio have guided inventors through the product development and management process that leads from an inspired concept to a marketable product. Drawing on his experience in a wide variety of industries, Vall has created a cost-effective product development process. Working with Vallmar Studio, inventors can be confident that they are taking all the necessary steps to success without costly reduplication of effort.

It takes a broad set of skills and knowledge to develop a successful product. The Vallmar Studio team brings together a range of expertise and experience in engineering, design, marketing and intellectual property management. Working together, the team maps out a pathway that takes an invention from development through production to support. At each step along the pathway, Vallmar Studio provides the guidance needed to help the inventor make decisions crucial to the new product’s success.

Vallmar Studios has a staff of seven licensed engineering and additional professionals in graphics, marketing and related field. View Advisory Board

Vall Iliev
President and CEO of Vallmar Co

Directs the engineering department of Vallmar Studio.

Vall’s training in engineering began in his grandfather’s woodworking shop in Bulgaria, where Vall learned hands-on techniques for building three-dimensional objects. He attended a four-year trade school that focused on engineering and math and went on to study at the University of Sofia, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical and electrical engineering. Vall held positions with Semperit AG and Ferriot Inc. before starting his own company in 1984.

Pepa Iliev
Vice President | Operations

Works with clients to manage their projects.

Pepa Iliev brings Vallmar and its customers a range of skills from operations to project management and cus- tomer relations. With a college degree in fine arts from a European university, she has three years’ experience as manager of an electrical contracting business and has directed operations at Vallmar since 1995. Pepa’s voice is often the first one new customers hear when they phone the company, and those customers quickly learn that they can rely on Pepa for excellent customer service, skilled project support and a deep knowledge of the product development process.

Focus on Philanthropy

Vallmar, Co. and the Iliev family Vall, Pepa and Martin – support a wide range of charitable organizations. Internationally, they contribute to non-profits with proven track records, especially charities dedicated to human rights and freedom of speech. In the U.S., they support numerous charities focused on families in need, single-parent families, and our troops and veterans, as well as environmental, law-enforcement and educational organizations.