Business Platform Supporting the Commercialization of Inventions

Vallmar Company Announces Martin House Group™, a Collaborative Business Platform Supporting the Commercialization of Inventions

Stow, OH– All the variables in the market today cause most individuals to pull back, slow down, and minimize risk. For others, market volatility presents opportunities for growth and expansion, and instead choose to take advantage of a down market.

Vall Iliev, President and CEO of Vallmar Company, a product development and management (PDM) firm in Stow, Ohio, falls in the latter of these two groups. In the middle of one of the worst economic times we’ve seen in years, Iliev recently announced the creation of Martin House Group, a business platform bringing together a group of like-minded individuals looking to generate wealth by investing in innovative new ideas and products.
Martin House Group is a collaborative endeavor through which members make contributions on a five-year basis to serve as collateral for bank loans used to fund the costs associated with commercializing inventions. The goal for Martin House Group is to help commercialize intellectual property, inventions and innovations into the marketplace with the ultimate end result of financial independence.

“Inventors are often surprised at the cost of the services needed to turn their bright ideas into commercially viable products,” explains Iliev. “It can be a further shock to discover how difficult it is to find funding to cover these costs. Martin House Group enables its members to work together to remove this bottleneck, and then to benefit when an invention achieves commercial success.”

Rich Sholtis, who recently joined Martin House Group with is wife, Connie, explains: “My wife and I were impressed with the experience, work ethic and methodical approach of Martin House Group. As an engineer, I was especially impressed with the potential of a product that was nearing production, not to mention the future potential of the company behind that product.”

Private members of Martin House Group contribute from a minimum of $5,000 up to a maximum of $249,000, with a five-year terminus, and receive financial returns based on the proportion of their participation in a given project.

In addition, Vallmar Studios, the PDM division of Vallmar Company that deals with inventors and their product ideas, supports Martin House Group members with discounts on materials and services involved in product development of their own inventions. Martin House Group is served by an Advisory Board that helps to select the most viable projects out of the hundreds of inventions submitted every year. The Advisory Board is expected to recommend approximately 10 to 12 of these inventions per year for complete PDM contracts.

Martin House Group has partnered with Vallmar Company, to establish this opportunity for individuals to participate in the product development process and to benefit from those products, innovations and intellectual properties that succeed in the marketplace. Vallmar Company is a leader in the PDM industry with hundreds of successful programs – including everything from Rubbermaid trashcans and Jane Fonda exercise program products to solid gold golf tees and innovative medical products.

About Martin House Group™

The Martin House Group is a business platform providing the opportunity for 99 like-minded individuals to jointly participate in projects to commercialize intellectual property, inventions and innovations in the world’s marketplace. Martin House Group partners with Vallmar Company for the product development and management elements involved with the process of taking an invention to market.

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