Easy View IV Tube Separator Receives FDA Clearance As Safe, Approved Product

IV Organizer from Easy View Helps to Prevent Dangerous Mistakes

Stow, OH – The Easy View IV tube separator has received its clearance from the United States Food and Drug Administration. The FDA clearance is a sign that this IV organizer is a safe and effective tool for preventing dangerous mistakes and improving patient care.

The use of IV tubes is an often overlooked, but crucially important aspect of care in hospitals. The process is made more complicated however when patients receive not just one or two IV lines, but potentially many different IV lines at once.

This is a dangerous, confusing and inefficient form of care, and it has led to tragic mistakes and accidents in the past.

The Joint Commission issued a report noting the “persistent and potentially deadly occurrence” of just such a mistake. Their recommendation to prevent these deadly mistakes was “labeling all tubes and catheters,” and that’s where the Easy View IV tube separator comes into play.

Each Easy View IV tube organizer can hold and separate up to six IV tubes at once. This makes for easy labeling and identification, and ensures that the individual lines are never confused for one another.

The Easy View is also manufactured in different colors, which can be utilized to instantly alert nurses and doctors to major allergies, pre-existing conditions or other need-to-know information in the heat of the moment.

The Easy View IV organizer attaches directly to the patient’s bed rail with Velcro straps for quick and convenient access. Nurses and hospital caregivers will be able to take action more quickly and efficiently, while ensuring no dangerous mistakes are ever made.

Registered Nurse Tammy Downs came up with the product after struggling firsthand with IV line confusion. She knows the difference that a high quality, effective IV tube separator makes. Not only does it make the jobs of nurses easier and more efficient, but it can also save the lives of patients.

Nothing is more important than patient health, and Easy View’s FDA clearance ensures that it is recognized as a trusted, effective and viable solution.

For more information or to place an order for the Easy View IV tube separator, visit EasyViewStore.com today or call 800.986.0795.

About Easy View

Easy View is a patented and patent pending IV tube separator designed for safe, convenient and quick usage in hospitals. By organizing, separating and identifying different IV lines, nurses can avoid accidents, respond to emergencies in less time, and ultimately provide more effective care. Easy View was invented by Tammy Downs, an RN who saw the crucial need for an IV tube organizer firsthand. The Easy View can be customized with your brand in mind. To place an order or learn more about the product, visit EasyViewStore.com. Easy View is designed and assembled by Vallmar Co. (Stow, Ohio) with global materials. Have an idea for a new medical product design? Vallmar produces and distributes low-tech medical devices and accessories.

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