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Easy View IV Tube Separator Provides Safe, Convenient, Quick Solution

IV Tube Organizer To Prevent Hospital Miscues and Dangerous Accidents

Stow, OH – The hectic, high wire balancing act that is life as a nurse in a busy hospital should now get a little bit easier and more convenient thanks to the Easy View IV tube separator. Most importantly, treatment of patients will be safer, more effective and quicker than ever.

The Easy View IV tube organizer is a straightforward, innovative way to help prevent dangerous mistakes and time wasting maneuvers in the hospital. The IV tubing holder separates different IV lines into different channels, making them easy to identify and work with.

This allows nurses to respond to emergencies in less time, and with more confidence, while never putting the patient at risk by losing track of such an important, but oft-overlooked aspect of healthcare in hospitals, IV lines.

This intuitive new IV tube separator is the kind of breakthrough that can only come from the firsthand experience and expertise of a nurse. Registered Nurse Tammy Downs invented the product after working with as many as 10 different IV lines per patient

At best, this clutter leads to delays and hassle. At worst, it can put the lives of patients at risk.

Such a dangerous scenario unfolded when Jessica Blischke gave birth to triplets at Mission Hospital in California in 2010. In her interview with Good Morning America, Mrs. Blischke told the story of how her IV line, filled with painkilling opiates after a C-section procedure, was mistakenly given to one of her newborn triplets, a load 400 times the recommended amount for a baby.

Her daughter Taylee turned purple, went slack and stopped breathing shortly thereafter. Luckily, doctors were able to revive her. But without the assistance of simple, intelligent products like the Easy View IV tube separator, it’s not the first or last time this sort of calamity will take place.

The Easy View IV tube organizer can hold and separate up to six IV tubes at once. The product easily attaches directly to a patient’s bed rail with Velcro straps, and is completely disposable and recyclable, ensuring patient safety, hospital cleanliness and environmental friendliness as well.

The Easy View IV tube separator can be purchased online at EasyViewStore.com, and more information can also be obtained by calling 800.986.0795.

About Easy View

Easy View is an IV tube separator designed for safe, convenient and quick usage in hospitals. By organizing, separating and identifying different IV lines, nurses can avoid accidents, respond to emergencies in less time, and ultimately provide more effective care. Easy View was invented by Tammy Downs, an RN who saw the crucial need for an IV tube organizer firsthand. To place an order or learn more about the product, visit EasyViewStore.com.

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