Invention Design to Complex Product Engineering

From Invention Design to Complex Product Engineering, Vallmar Co. Caters to Range of Clientele

Vallmar Co. Announces the Development of Two Business Units: Vallmar Engineering, Serving Large Manufacturers, and Vallmar Studio, Serving Individual Inventors

Stow, OH – Product development and management company, Vallmar Company, announces a new business structure developed to provide tailored, cost-effective programs to each of its major client types. Vallmar Engineering addresses the complex engineering needs of large industrial clients whose projects may involve several thousand components. Vallmar Studio, in contrast, provides hundreds of individual inventors each year with product development, patenting and marketing services designed to develop products that can achieve success in the marketplace.

“We have restructured our core business to improve service to our two major client groups,” said Vall Iliev, President and CEO of Vallmar. “The new business units, Vallmar Engineering and Vallmar Studio, enable us to develop distinctive pricing structures while maintaining our core principles of outstanding quality, cost-effective service, and focus on meeting client deadlines.”

Vallmar Studio offers individual inventors the resources they need to give their inventions a fair chance in the marketplace. The pathway that leads from initial concept to a successful project is difficult, and many inventions fail because precious start-up resources are misdirected and spent on inadequate prototyping and poorly prepared invention patent filings. Vallmar Studio provides inventors with the resources they need at each step toward making their idea a reality: invention design, engineering, prototype development, product management, intellectual property management, marketing collateral, advertising and promotion, and licensing support.

“I have had the honor of working with Vall and his team for about two years,” said Armando Pardillo, M.D., a Vallmar Studio client. “They worked on one of my medical devices related to IV infusion therapy and needle safety. Not only was the finished product better than I expected, but the process of working with Vallmar was a pleasure. Working with Vallmar’s team has given me the opportunity to complete a lucrative royalty agreement with a major medical products distributor.”

Vallmar Engineering provides sophisticated engineering services geared to the needs of large industrial customers. In some projects, Vallmar Engineering supports in-house staff. Vallmar Engineering is also capable of carrying out every step of the product management and development process. Focusing on production issues, Vallmar Engineering creates production-ready drawings and manufacturing manuals that reduce costs and time, while improving quality and safety.

“Vallmar Engineering has provided us with outstanding services,” said Tim Carl, president of a manufacturing company providing original equipment manufacturing to the maintenance divisions of major railroad and mining companies such as CSX, BNSF and Arcelor Mittal Mining. “The Vallmar team’s innovative approach and practical solutions have helped us improve our manufacturing time and provide higher quality products to our customers.”

Whether an individual looking to patent an invention or a manufacturing company searching for an experienced engineering and product development partner, Vallmar Company now offers two tailored solutions with Vallmar Studio and Vallmar Engineering. More information can be found at, or

About Vallmar Company

Vallmar Company is a product development and management company founded in 1984 by Vall Iliev. Vallmar’s invention division, Vallmar Studio, works with small business owners and inventors to design, plan, develop and validate ideas so they can be patented and brought to market. Its corporate division, Vallmar Engineering, assists industrial organizations to develop, engineer and produce large-scale products. Vallmar Company clients range from individual inventors to large manufacturers and nationwide retailers.

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