Invention Patent Services

At Vallmar we know the patent laws, regulations, policies, and procedures in order to guide you through all checkpoints in getting your patent. Conducting a thorough patent search and filing your patent can be challenging to tackle on your own. We are experts at patent management each step of the way. From filing strategy to overcoming possible objections from USPTO so they will grant your patent, Vallmar engineering assists to make sure your invention patent is done properly so your new invention idea is protected.


Frequently Asked Questions About Patents:

What is a patent?

A patent is an intellectual property right that protects your invention idea so no one else can copy or sell it for a period of time in exchange for public disclosure of your invention. You need a patent to give you rightful ownership of your invention and get the recognition and profit you deserve.

What are the three types of patents?

The three types of patents are Utility patent, Design patent, and Plant patent. The most common is Utility patent which is for the invention of new and useful processes, machines, and items. A Design patent is for the physical ornamental characteristics or appearance of an article. A Plant patent is for a distinct new variety of plant.

What is the USPTO?

The (USPTO) United States Patent and Trademark Office is the Government agency responsible for issuing patents. You file an application for patent with the USPTO and they will examine the application to determine whether they will grant you a patent.

What is a patent search?

A patent search must be done prior to filing for your patent to verify no one has already thought of your invention idea or something similar and gotten a patent for it. There are numerous databases that hold information online, in microfilm, and print from all patents ever issued. It’s important to do a patent search before proceeding with filing an application or your application will be declined.​​

​Do I need invention patent assistance? Why can’t I do it myself?

The filing process is long and tedious. The USPTO recommends having a professional assist in the process to guarantee a smooth and timely experience. Having Vallmar assist in the patent filing ensures the patent process is done correctly and that you get the fair chance you deserve to market your invention.