Invention Help

Do you have a great invention,  but need help getting it to the marketplace? Are you an inventor who has a patent idea who needs assistance and guidance through the process?

At Vallmar we give you solid inventing advice to help you make important decisions. We have the resources to make your idea a reality. Using proven techniques we guide you through the invention process to form a smooth path from protecting your idea with a patent to manufacturing and distribution of your finished product. We form a strategy that is personalized to your invention goals and then execute it carefully. The invention process can be complex if you don’t know all the laws and regulations to follow. Having a professional invention company on your side will allow you to relax knowing everything is being done properly and within specification. Your idea will be protected and you will get the recognition you deserve. When new questions come up, our experts are here to answer them and provide direction each step of the way. This is an exciting time for you to express your invention idea. We are here to lead you to success and ultimately sell your product for a profit in the marketplace.

Let us help you with your invention idea

We help determine if your invention is marketable and if it can be patented. We have provided invention assistance for over 20 years making people’s dreams a reality. We are experts in the invention process and give honest feedback driven from a network of professionals in the patenting and marketing field. Vallmar Studio knows how passionate you are about your idea and are dedicated to taking you through the invention process in a timely and efficient way. Drawing on our extensive experience in taking new concepts from idea to marketable product, we have created an 11-step process that streamlines product development. This is an outline of the steps you will go through with us as your invention manifests into the world. From validating the concept of your invention to distributing it to the public, we will be with you. Click on the steps below for more information.

  1. Invention Idea Analysis
  2. Invention Concept Validation
  3. Invention Design Production
  4. Invention Development
  5. Idea Patent Services
  6. Invention Prototyping
  7. Invention Marketing
  8. Invention Investors & Funding
  9. Invention Manufacturing
  10. Invention Packaging Design
  11. Invention Distribution