Invention Marketing

Create awareness of your invention

Our marketing and graphic design professionals help the inventor develop a brand identity for the invention. This will define your target market(s) and which marketing vehicles you want to use to promote your new invention.  Creating awareness of your invention in the marketplace will increase sales by highlighting the products benefits and value. The marketing process can lead to the creation of a logo, marketing collateral and a trade show package so you are able to promote your invention in the most effective way.

Finding your target market

We will determine who your target market is by researching your type of invention, it’s uses, and it’s competitors. We will be able to pinpoint your customers and then customize a marketing strategy based around their needs and values. Marketing vehicles we may use are e-commerce, print, radio, t.v, social media, and public relations. We offer well designed, professional websites with the ability to advertise or sell your product if applicable. A website is a critical piece of your business model because we are living in the information age. Our websites are up to date with the most recent search engine optimization techniques. Your new invention will be discovered by potential customers in cyberspace. Our team at Vallmar Studio specializes in taking your invention to the next level by using a diversified marketing mix to optimize your invention within your target market.