Invention Idea Analysis

Does your invention solve a problem?

In this step we support the inventor by examining the concept and investigating its potential for commercialization. Don’t spend thousands on prototyping and patenting an idea that doesn’t have the potential to find a ready market. How do you know if your invention will be a commercial success? You need to be able to identify a problem many people have and the solution your invention will provide. Does your invention solve a problem? Sometimes people don’t realize they have a problem until they discover a solution for it. Maybe it makes their life easier or more convenient. A good invention must satisfy a want or a need in order to have a sense of value. This can range from something simple in daily life to very complex or technical. As long as it can be marketed to have a value and be something people want it maybe successful. You also need to identify a group of people who will want this product. This is your target audience who you will be marketing to.

Is your idea unique?

We evaluate the market objectively to ensure your idea is unique and there is nothing like it yet. If there is, your invention could still possibly be differentiated and solve a different problem. A Product Data Management (PDM) company will use focus groups and market testing to help refine your product, differentiate it, and give it the edge it needs to reach its ultimate customers. They will track the specifications required for manufacturing and development, and the materials that will be needed to produce it. We will use our resources and network of invention professionals to analyze your idea and determine it’s likelihood of success. After performing this step we will know if it’s cost effective to move forward with the invention idea.