Invention Investors & Funding

Who will invest in your invention?

Getting your new invention funded can be a difficult task. Unfortunately, having a great idea and a patent intention is not enough to make your invention a reality. You’ve heard the phrase “you have to spend money to make money” Well, to make a successful invention a reality, your investors are the key to supplying the capital needed. They will be presented with your invention and take a vested interest that it will become successful. They will invest capital into your invention and using their funds we can begin making it a real product that will thrive in the market. At Vallmar Studio, we draw on our extensive network to introduce the inventor to potential buyers or licensees.¬† Our professional network of investors will assist¬†in getting your invention funded so it can get to the market.

What about government funding?

There are also government branches that give grants and loans for certain types of inventions. For example, new inventions that save energy or help the environment may be eligible for grants by the U.S Dept. of Energy. If your invention is related to the health field, the National Institute for Health may help. If you are a student, you may be able to get grants as well. However, many times the government will not provide financial assistance and you must take out personal loans. Our goal at Vallmar Studio is to find the capital you need to make your invention by using our resources and knowledge.