Invention Prototyping

Creating an invention prototype

The product designer assigned to the project sculpts the invention or models it in 3-D CAD.  This stage is exciting to visually see a model of your invention and have a hands-on approach to modifications and refinement. It’s also a chance for potential investors to see the concept and the benefits of your invention without having to invest to much or commit to it early on. This is your chance to prove the value of your invention and what it is capable of.

We assist you in building a prototype

Vallmar Studio will support you through the prototype stage. We may design several prototypes to determine which is the most functional and the best in your interest. A potential buyer requires certain tools before they can understand the benefit of your invention. It is essential that the buyer knows that your product and its production processes have been validated, and that you have obtained all needed regulatory approvals and certifications. Additional tools to support your product may include virtual prototyping and manufacturing analysis, selection of materials and technology, and development of direct cost to manufacture. Now you will see a prototype of your invention right in front of you where you can try it out and experience it’s benefits first hand. Working with Vallmar Studio is a cost effective way to develop these tools and make the idea you once sketched on a napkin into a real product with value in the marketplace!