New Corporate Promotional Item Serves as Both a Gift of Thanks and a Statement of Values

Golden Rule Marble™ is a great corporate gift for clients, vendors or employees.

(Akron, OH) Thanks to the new Golden Rule Marble™, we may all move that much closer to accomplishing this widely embraced goal.

Available in five tiger-eye acrylic colors (white, black, green, blue and red), the Golden Rule Marble is delicately inscribed with the Golden Rule on a brass ring encircling the sphere. Each one-inch marble comes with a small, double-sided pamphlet transcribed with the overarching message of the rule, all neatly folded into a clear, acrylic box, making it perfect for personal and corporate gifts. The goal of the gift is to serve as a reminder for all who receive it – family, friends, customers or employees – to make personal and professional decisions in light of this great advice.

Corporate gifts for employees or customers can be difficult to purchase. Often the giver would like the gift to be particularly useful or meaningful. The Golden Rule Marble makes a great give-away for any business founded or operating on this clear and guiding principal. Since the Golden Rule transcends basic religious origins to a universal doctrine for the masses, it’s a corporate gift anyone can appreciate and be inspired by.

When choosing gifts for clients or employees, most try to find one that reinforces the relationship and values of their company. Because the Golden Rule is universal, you can be sure that the person receiving it will align in one way or another with their personal and professional goals as well. The Golden Rule Marble can help you accomplish both giving a gift of thanks and giving a gift that will communicate your company’s values and goals.

ValMark Securities was recently looking for a corporate gift to help them share and celebrate their 50th anniversary – or “Golden Anniversary.” The Akron, Ohio-based company decided the Golden Rule Marble was the perfect item to convey their core mission as an organization. ValMark Securities is a national independent broker dealer specializing in equity, investment advisory and risk management products and support services for the nation’s top echelon of wealth transfer and corporate insurance firms. The Golden Rule itself defines ValMark’s fundamental belief in dealing with clients, partners and vendors, so it didn’t take long for the company’s leadership to choose the Golden Rule Marble to represent that belief.

If you’re looking for a way to encourage strong moral standards within your organization and promote those same standards to your clients, vendors and partners, call +1.330.686.2472 or visit now.

About The Golden Rule Marble

The Golden Rule Marble is a promotional product that serves as a gift of thanks to employees, vendors and clients as well as an expression of corporate or personal values. Available in five tiger-eye acrylic colors, the Golden Rule Marble is inscribed with the Golden Rule on a brass ring encircling the sphere. The Golden Rule Marble was developed and manufactured by Vallmar & Co. (, a product development company that has been engineering and developing new products since 1984. For more on the message and history of the Golden Rule, or to order, visit or call +1.330.686.0020.

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